For FRANCEYE & Why It Is I Don’t Sign

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 9.32.59 AMWhenever I’ve named a dog or a cat. I don’t. Not immediately. And it’s not a poverty of ideas of what name I might like besides Jessica for example which used to be such an unusual name and where did you get it? I wait. Let the spirit reveal itself. I was almost a Gabriella. But mother did not want people to call me Gabby. If only she could have consulted me. Or added it later. I advocate for long names. With time awarded almost as girl scout badges but more to get their attention. If you want to summon a dog or cat you must invoke it by as many of it’s names as possible. That way. They won’t ever get lost.




My floor is adrift with snow white piles of wadded tissue bindles. Influenza? I couldn’t imagine how or where but then I remembered a detail from my Thanksgiving marketing that all the employees were mysteriously absent. The shelves were bare and I was complaining to the cashier that asked did you find everything you needed? NO I didn’t find anything are you kidding? He said yeah well sorry, we are understaffed. He didn’t mention they were all dead from the flu they got at “Papayas Health Food Store.” That they should have closed or at least posted a skull and cross bones at the threshold WARNING like I’m warning you it’s coming. Enjoy the Christmas papaya boobs from my island to yours. ACHOOOOOO!