Hare List Double Checked

TAPED - 1He’s picking weeds again, but not the reams attacking our raised bed, our food. So to express myself, I took the heaviest spade I could find AND a running start and made a lasso motion to blow out his hair.

He startled and ran like a girl forgetting the decade ago how he got drunk and choked me. Or locked me out of the house to sleep in my car. Taking my G4 tower and shattering the passenger window so I would have no shelter. It was sorta funny.

But I’m no Joan Burroughs
pose with honey crisp scalp
snapped with forgiveness


10 thoughts on “Hare List Double Checked

  1. Interesting haibun but I do not feel it really sticks with the day sky as it’s subject as directed in the prompt. Nor does the senryu at the end present as a nature based haiku. Thank you for your submission.

      1. This would have been better to have been linked up for our Open Link Night, this Thursday as it does not fit the prompt for this week. You are welcome to submit this for that prompt even “combining”, prompts, I do not see any connection.

  2. I think some of the references are too American for me to really get – but the overall scenario is clear enough. I doubt, though, that the women finally driven to retaliation see anything funny about it.

  3. I think this is fantastic. I think if you’re going to link something that “doesn’t fit the prompt,” then you just have to make sure it’s damn good. And this is. 😉

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