I asked Katie if I could sleep over.
She was my best friend.
When she got worms, I stopped going to the lavatory.
Snakes, macaroni and cheese, even Spaghetti
I quit.
We would watch TV but mostly pretend.
Walking each other thru various scenarios like a talking meditation.
Or a practice.
Pretend we bought an entire furniture store instead of a tiny mansion.
Her brother Mark started dropping in after lights out
wanting a back rub.
Katie did it until she got tired.
Then I Play-Dohed his shoulders.
In the middle of the night with the ocean waving.
He inched his fingers, touching me while I slept.
When he tried to put something inside of me –
from the center of him. I acted like I was waking up.
He wanted our middles to touch.


6 thoughts on “Middling

  1. Oh, dear…You managed to capture something very disturbing in a simple way.

    There is one simple reason you’re not getting some of the views you should. There is no way to tap in from your avatar or comment. See how you can fix that or contact support.

  2. Yes, this quite a grabber. I couldn’t understand what was said in the video…perhaps it was the reading of the poem? I was too shy to ask before lol.

  3. Eeeeek!

    I need to check on this. Mighty appreciative for your reading, for letting me know, that time. For being pioneers of the heart. ❤

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