I asked Katie if I could sleep over.
She was my best friend.
When she got worms, I stopped going to the lavatory.
Snakes, macaroni and cheese, even Spaghetti
I quit.
We would watch TV but mostly pretend.
Walking each other thru various scenarios like a talking meditation.
Or a practice.
Pretend we bought an entire furniture store instead of a tiny mansion.
Her brother Mark started dropping in after lights out
wanting a back rub.
Katie did it until she got tired.
Then I Play-Dohed his shoulders.
In the middle of the night with the ocean waving.
He inched his fingers, touching me while I slept.
When he tried to put something inside of me –
from the center of him. I acted like I was waking up.
He wanted our middles to touch.


Cheater’s Dominican Cheat Sheet For Junot Diaz’s “The Cheater’s Guide to Love”


If you are reading this, know, you are not a cheater. 

Blanquita – Little white one, Spanish.

Cuero –  By it’s self means body. Cuerpazo means “hot body.” Also described as Dominican slang for the word slut for any girl/guy.

Salcedense – Person or native of the region of Salcedo. The region is likely to be either the city of Salcedo in the Dominican Republic or a territory in Ecuador. (Pronounced: sahl-seh-DEN-say.)

Sucias – Dirty, skanky ass female, Spanish slang.

Mejor que nunca – Better than never, i.e. better than ever.

Cibao, usually referred as “El Cibao”, is a region of the Dominican Republic located at the northern part of the country.Word Cibao, meaning “place where rocks abound”.

clavo saca otro clavo- The translation one nail drives out another but its basically what a woman says after a relationship ends in english it will be like saying “the best way to get over a man is to get under one”

Privar’ (not ‘prover’) might also mean ‘to drink alcohol in excess’. It’s not clear from the context if Díaz is using privar in this sense of the word or to refer to the act of intentionally depriving someone of something (presumably sex).

banilejo – Stingy person who does not have even banileja origin is told this way in allusion to what they are stingy with money banilejos

Puto – spanish word for a male prostitute. sometimes it´s offesive for homosexuals. in mexico it is used for cowards and traitors.

PELOTERO – ballplayer

narco – A narcotics officer.

bachater – It was cabaret bachata that crystallized what bachata was, and distinguished it from other Latin American forms. Within cabaret bachata, the sexual double entendre became extremely popular, and came to define the important period of the 1980s, when modern bachata began to take shape.
Sexual double entendre, or doble sentido, has been ubiquitous in Latin music for as long as we have records of it. Performers of all genres and all levels of social acceptability, from the Trio Matamoros to Tatico Henriquez to Johnny Ventura, have used sexual double entendre in songs that are now considered classics. Even children’s songs, like “Arroz con leche”, have a second meaning which is sexual. Combined, however, with the Dominican higher society’s already negative perception of bachata, doble sentido provoked torrents of criticism out of all proportion to its actual impact—at the same time that it made bachata more popular than it had ever been.

cuerpazo    frame, body

cursi – cornball, cheesy

Morena – Used to describe Latinas who are tanned/dark (i.e., dark hair-brunette, dark eyes, dark skin) in varying degrees. Used in contrast to Gringa or Guedo for a White Latina, Negra for a Black Latina and Asians aren’t usually included in this definition.
Someone as light as Jessica Alba would be considered Morena esp. if she is brunette through to someone as dark as Christina Milian

bataan – as in death march

I want to start off with no we’re not all related ! We’re from Cape Verde, west coast of Africa. Most of us are living in Brockton, we’re taking over ! We got beautiful females, the best food, & dances. If you ever danced passada, ate cachupa, you’ve experienced a little part of our culture. We got good music, couple artists are Deon Chase, Big J, Passada Barbosa, Nelson Freitas, Mika Mendes. And Amber Rose.

d.r. – dominican republic, double rainbow?

tetchily – Peevish; testy, irritated

Por supuesto – of course

Berserkería – berserkery or berserkness

Kimathi – Kenyan Guy?

chawls – a name of a building found in India, common balcony, working class

jípeta – SUV?

motoconcho – (Dominican Republic, slang) motorcycle taxi used for public transport

Georgina Duluc – actress

abrazo – hug?

padrino – father

ronca campesina – peasant farmer?

Mi’ijo is a contraction of Mi hijo–“my son”–is like “sonny” used in addressing younger boys. Affectionate use of mijo between friends and peers is a major Mexicanism. Mija (MEE hah) is used to address women, the same as mijo with males.

negocios – stores

colmado, bakery bar

Ta muy mal – very sick, bad

Prima – a word used in spanish to describe your cousin or a female very close to you but not of relation

Que tan más buena que el Diablo – hotter than the devil

Carajito – little boy, kid

Pero mi amor, ya – English translation:  Please, sweetheart, quit it! no you quit it.

Neuromancer is a 1984 novel by William Gibson, a seminal work in the cyberpunk genre and the first winner of the science-fiction “triple crown” — the Nebula Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the Hugo Award.[1] It was Gibson’s debut novel and the beginning of the Sprawl trilogy. The novel tells the story of a washed-up computer hacker hired by a mysterious employer to pull off the ultimate hack.