At “On the Rox” I was warned about Robin Williams. Which put me off. Not off of him, but of the person who said it.  I took it as gossip. But it was a probably a consideration. One doesn’t want to alienate the patrons. Or lose their job. 

Among the “A” listers at the private club on Sunset, he wasn’t primarily known for his comic genius. 

Book was he was a pest. Tireless in his pursuit of drugs. Dangerously shameless, asking strangers even for a line of coke. Attention seeking, needy, and the last person to leave the party. 

I would have preferred hearing that Robin was highly energetic. That I should be mindful of containing the noise. Remember it’s invitation only. Don’t attract paparazzi, party crashers, or the police. 

He immediately launched into teasing me. Mocking the bartender and her nasal voice. His schtick wasn’t personal, it didn’t even sting. His compass was way off. Valley Girl?  And there I was starving for a roasting, not a caricature. 

I tried to feign a smile. Everyone else was howling. In retrospect I wonder what I was expecting a psychic? I should have been honored to be his straight man. But I wasn’t content. 


3 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. obviously, this must have been before his 20 years of sobriety, because people do change. Addiction is a horrible, horrible disease, but people do change. In remembering nothing but his prior drug using years, it amounts to nothing more than more gossip. One last thing….my mom always said, “If you have nothing nice to say about somebody, say nothing.” Of course that’s easier said than done.

  2. Allison says,
    I am so pissed at Shep Smith for even insinuating that Robin Williams “must have been, could have been in a ‘fit’ of depression or maybe even a ‘coward.’ No one who does not have these twin demons of mental illness/substance abuse..whether you are using or are clean, is qualified to make a comment of this nature. I don’t care if you work for Fox News, Shep. At “” they are calling for your immediate dismissal and the re-education of the rest of the broadcast on air talent in the medical facts of mental health and substance abuse. The stigma and labeling is disappearing Shep and Fox, or hadn’t you f***ng Heard YET…R U so busy broadcasting that U DON’T Listen or READ UP on the ISSUES U THINK U R XPERT ON?

  3. Yes, interesting post, Jessie –a reminder of how many facets a life holds as it travels though this world. We can’t help but reduce a life to something fixed and set in a moment so we can share something with those who “knew” that person, but some facets and some lives evolve and devolve many many times, Nu?

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